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Want to know more about our products or services at 92 Or More? Perhaps we’ve got an answer for you below. Reach out to us for any specific enquiries.

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What Makes You Think You’re Qualified To Select My Wines?

Iestyn and Tarka managed Lay & Wheeler’s ‘Fine Wine Discovery Club’ for over five years before founding 92 Or More, winning awards and recognition from many including Victoria Moore calling it one of her favorite wine subscription models. Add in the secondary guarantee built into 92 Or More of only receiving wines independently scored 92 Or More and you couldn’t ask for better qualified wine advisors.

I live in N Ireland, A Scottish Island, Jersey, Guernsey, IOM Can I Join The Fine Wine Experience Plan?

Much as we love our Island friends, delivery charges make it unviable for some to join our Fine Wine Experience Plan in the regular sense, however, please do contact us and let’s see what we can do.

What Happens If You Send Me Something I don’t Like (or is faulty)?

If we get it wrong, we’ll hold our hands up, say sorry and replace the offending bottle with something we’re sure you’ll love just contact us and we’ll sort it out.

I’m Tempted To Join The Fine Wine Experience Plan, What’s My Minimum Commitment?

Nothing, zilch, zero, you can pause or stop at any time, all we ask is the chance to delight you, we’re confident you’ll want to stay when you taste what a fine wine merchant committed to connecting fine wine with fine people can offer.

I Only Want To Receive Bordeaux Or Burgundy Wines, Is The Fine Wine Experience Plan Right For Me?

Possibly not, if you’re stuck in a rut with your wine buying and want to get out, we can really help but if you’re deeply stuck in your ways with no desire to peep over the edge at other options, please do visit our shop but joining our Fine Wine Experience Plan may not be for you, we suspect the amazing variety we put into each bi-monthly box may upset your equilibrium (we don’t want to do that!).

I’ve Been Stung Before With Wines That Are Not In The Country, Get Drop Shipped From A Third Party Warehouse, Or Not Priced Including Duty/Tax, What Are You Hiding?

Nothing hidden here, if it’s on our website then it’s in our warehouse and available for next day delivery (if ordered before cut offs). All prices include all Duty/Tax so what you see is what you pay. Our delivery policy is clear and transparent, any order of six bottles or more gives you free delivery, for five bottles or less delivery is £10. We may occasionally offer wines currently en route from our suppliers and if so, this will be clearly stated with a guaranteed delivery date noted (which will be days rather than weeks/months). Our service is fine wine; no fuss.

Can I Pick My Own Case Within The Fine Wine Experience Plan?

Ultimately yes, it’s your money and you’re in charge so if you want to self-select, please feel free, as a member you’ll benefit from 5% off all our wines and priority delivery, you’ll only miss the hero wines that taste better than their billing which our experts keep up their sleeve to surprise and delight.

Six Bottles Every Two Months Doesn’t Touch The Sides, Can I Double/Treble Up?

We feel your pain, our wine rack suffers terrible evaporation too, just contact us and we’ll arrange a package that keeps your wine rack looking healthy.

Can I Buy More Of My Favourites?

Of course you can, we both know 92 Or More’s secret plan is to find wines you love and want to stock up on! You can order online, if you’re a Fine Wine Experience Plan member you’ll enjoy 5% off and priority delivery or just contact us and we’ll place the order for you. Even if you can’t see the wine online it’s still worth contacting us as we may be able to source more or advise an alternative if your favourite has sold out.

Do All Your Wines Score 92 Points?

Not at all, 92 points from a respected critic is just our minimum requirement, our average is 94 points with many of our wines in the 95/96/97 category. In our Fine Wine Experience Plan members’ bi-monthly boxes you’ll always find a good mix.

Is There A Secret To Buying Great Wines That Don’t Break The Bank?

Absolutely, join our Fine Wine Experience Plan and you’ll soon find out.

If I Join The Fine Wine Experience Plan Will All Wines In My Bi-Monthly Cases Cost £33.33?

Not at all, as a Fine Wine Experience Plan member, we’ll make sure the value of your case includes at least your 5% discount. The individual wines will vary, perhaps some will cost under £25 and perhaps some over £50 but as a package when it comes to value, we guarantee you’ll be on the winning side.

Why Don’t You Sell By The Case?

For two very good reasons:

Firstly, in modern terms a ‘case’ would also need a defined quantity, some of our wines arrive in traditional 12 bottle boxes, many are now sent in boxes of 6 for handling convenience and some arrive in boxes of 3 or 4. We now find it more accurate to talk in bottle numbers as ‘case’ is no longer a defined quantity.  Our clients are free to make their own ‘cases’, be that 3, 6 or 12 of the same wine or 2,3,1 or 7,2,2,1 the power is with the client (make your case 9 bottles if that suits you!).

Secondly to sell be the case would imply that you would receive the original outer packaging. The original boxes arrive with us neatly stacked on a pallet which works well for palletised transport. However, those boxes were never designed to pass through a delivery courier network so are easily damaged/broken leading to upset clients and unhappy couriers. At 92 Or More we repackage everything into ‘Pulpsafe’ recycled packaging, recycle all original packaging and have a 99.8% delivery ‘in one piece’ success rate leading to happy clients and couriers alike.

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