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Environmental Policy

92 Or More may be a small company, but we’ve got a big heart that cares for our one and only planet. Consequently, our environmental policy is simple and straightforward: we want to pose as minimal of an impact on the environment as possible, in all of our processes and all that we do.

This means that everything we deliver including the packaging, boxes, corks, screwcaps, bottles, labels, envelopes, tasting cards, and anything else, is 100% recyclable. We work on the basis that all wine will be recycled by people. Please forgive us but we cannot avoid importing most of our wines and delivering to our clients, these operations will be done with as minimal environmental impact as possible.

Moreover, we try to keep all of our input services as local as possible. We do love Suffolk and the people here, so we endeavour to hire local talent such as our web developers, professional services, box manufacturers and waste recyclers who are all based here in Suffolk.

Our own operations facility in Suffolk is designed to best maintain and regulate the temperature of our fine wines whilst also maximising structural insulation and using LED lighting to minimise our energy consumption.

We’re not perfect, but we’re proud to wear our heart on our sleeve while trying our best and are open to suggestions of where we can improve. What we won’t do is try to  ‘greenwash’ with false claims, please accept us as such.



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