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The Points System Explained

The 100-Point System

Most wine critic’s award scores using a 100-point scale. However, there is no international standard, each critic is free to set the parameters for their own scale so there will often be differences between the scores awarded due to the mechanics of their scoring scale, potentially an element of unintentional bias and/or personal taste. Therefore, this (as any) scoring system should only be seen as a reasonable guide to the overall quality of a particular wine compared to its peers – rather than an exact scientific grade.

The best known of these would be Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate 100 point scale:

The 100 Point Scale – The Wine Advocate

  • 96–100 = Extraordinary
  • 90–95 = Outstanding
  • 80–89 = Barely Above Average To Very Good
  • 70–79 = Average
  • 60–69 = Below Average
  • 50–59 = Unacceptable

92 Or More only offers wines that are scored 92 mid/high range ‘Outstanding’ or better, hence our name 92 Or More.


The 20-Point System

Although 100-point scales are the most widely used, some critic’s prefer to use a 20-point scale, the best known of which being Jancis Robinson MW’s 20-point scale:

  • 20–Truly Exceptional
  • 19–A Humdinger
  • 18–A Cut Above Superior
  • 17–Superior
  • 16–Distinguished
  • 15–Average
  • 14–Deadly Dull
  • 13–Borderline Faulty or Unbalanced
  • 12–Faulty or Unbalanced

92 Or More only offers wines that are scored16 ‘Distinguished’ or better when evaluated using the 20-point scale.


Please note that any apparent disparity between our 16/20 or 92/100 minimum score is totally intentional. The 20-Point scale was never designed to be one fifth of a 100-Point scale or vice versa, the differences are more than numerical so the parameters of each must be taken into consideration as well.


Want to find out more information on how the scoring system works?

Get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to explain.

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